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"We have told anyone willing to listen, what a positive experience we had at All The Right Moves. Our Monday night dance leassons made those trying months of wedding planning all the more bearable. We looked forward to them weekly."


                                                                - Matt and Kathleen



"Our first dance started our marriage out with lots of 'aaaahs', tears, amd even laughs. Our ones, twos, and threes somehow did flow evenly, through all eyes were on us. I must say without All The Right Moves we might never have been able to get out there."


                                                                - Neil and Stephanie

"We can't measure the amount of enthusiasm and fun generated during the reception due to dancing. Our guest list incluede people of extremely diverse interests and personalities. Knowing this, All The Right Moves convinced us of the importance of involving the members of the wedding and guest in the dance instruction."


                                                                      - Phil and Nicole


Private lessons were truly pricate. We did not have to share the floor space or the music with other couples. We loved that we had our own music, our own dance floor and our own teacher to create a first dance that was reflective of our abilities and taste.


                                                                        - Bob and Traci

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