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Sharon Boise is a Wedding Dance specialist with over 30 years of experience in dance, image, production, and entertainment. Her credits include Dance Studio and Production Company owner, trainer, speaker, and consultant for Indenticorp. She is responsible for putting handreds of adults in Southern California on dance floors and in dance shows.

Sharon is a Registered Teacher with with the Golden State Dance Association and has become one of the foremost teachers of the "Unit Sytem".


As Owner and Artistic Director of All the Right Moves a Dance Sutdio and Production Company, Sharon has a unique approach to the market. She believes that movement is a major part of image and that dance lessons are a fun avenue for enhancing ones image. She intrudces dance and image together as a new label for social interaction as well as self-development and self-improvement.


She has carved a niche in the wedding market by using this combined approach of image and dance to assist wedding couples and consultants to prepare for the wedding day. Her services compliment those now covered by wedding consultant; how to stage the all-important wedding dance through the use of proper lights, MC, music, logistics of the venue, protocol of dance order for family members, positioning for better photography, movement training for carrying the wedding gown and confort on the dance floor the day of the wedding


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